Config Computer Services.

Config Computer Services Limited has been focusing on providing IT services to small businesses in and around Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester and Hampshire for over 28 years, helping them to achieve their IT goals at a realistic cost and technology level.

Established in 1994, our highly personal service has the advantage of a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals who will work with you to identify the needs of your organisation without the pressures of having to respond to the demands of a few large clients. Unlike many suppliers of IT services, we identify that IT is merely a tool, albeit an essential one, to enable you to carry out your business.

Config Computer Services Ltd To ensure your organisations' I.T. systems run reliably and efficiently we offer a tailored maintenance solution for your organisation depending on the importance of each system and also the level of expertise already within the company.

We believe in training and actively encouraging members of your organisation to look after the day to day running of your I.T. systems to improve the level of understanding within your organisation as well as reducing your I.T. overhead.

Why not contact us to discuss your IT requirements, improvements or upgrades to your existing IT infrastructure.

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